A Word From The GM

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to thank you all for visiting our website to know about us and what we do to contribute to the development of human resources. Every year we face the challenge of improving our human resources because past experiences are no longer an option. New technologies and techniques are always emerging in this vast world of technology and that is why we must train our employees to keep up with these ever improving new changes.

Training is no longer an issue of attending a training session or a seminar and getting recognized for attending by being presented with a plaque or a certificate of attendance. It has become a strategic choice in the human resources development matrix.

Finally, allow me to introduce to you the newest set of our newly developed programs which we hope will meet your training needs and requirements.


Abdul Majeed Eiadeh

Jordanian for Capacity Building

JCB is a major and an active contributor in devising and developing new training courses and consulting services to empower human resources in the Arab world. All are based on a combination of successful business models and best practices applied by international firms. In addition, JCB always utilizes new and innovative technologies when offering smart integrated solutions which will add value to the organization in general and its staff in particular.

Training Methodology

Evaluation Before Training

Evaluation Before Training

Training Material Design

Training Material Design

Training Execution

Training Execution



How to Become Unique in serving clients

Knowledgeable, well educated trainers

The trainer is one of the three important training triangles that are vital to the success of the training process. It can be said that the trainer is the most important pillar. He or she can make the training process a success. From this perspective, we choose our trainers in a highly specialized and practical specification. We focus on choosing the best practice in transferring knowledge and knowledge to the participants.

  • Positive experience, that comes from actual hands-on experience and have their fingerprints in their institutions because he who does not possess does not offer.
  • Qualifications: BA, MA, PhD, Professor.
  • No less than 10 years of experience.
  • Preparation for training.
  • Appropriate use of demonstration aids and diversity skills.
  • Who have the ability to deliver the subject in a fun and easy to understand manner.
  • Who know how to adjust the course of the training.
  • Can manage time effectively.
  • Who know how to use body language and gestures.
  • Who possess accurate delivery.
  • Who can achieve the objectives of the training course.
  • Who can achieve global standards in training.

Our Success Factors


We select field instructors and practitioners based on their qualifications, practical experiences, field professional trainers, knowledge and creativity, and the ability to trigger trainees desire to learn.

Training materials

We focus on the most updated training material to keep our clients updated and informed with the latest best practices in the world of business.

Training locations and premises

We choose our locations based on our client’s desires and needs. We also have the ability to accommodate our clients and move to different locations such as hotels, resorts and clients workshops in different countries.


JCB Training management is highly qualified with more than 20 years field and practical experience. Our management has the best practical experience on the “Know How” in this field.


Our Clients